December 03, 2023
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  • Rebooting Your Thoughts on Robots

    When we think of AI, our minds usually go to a post-apocalyptic world, where our roombas have gained sentience and are trying to kill us. This isnt quite what our robotic future is looking like, however. But before we see where AI is going, let’s take a look at where…

  • The First True Millipede

    What Is A Millipede?        A millipede is supposedly a creature  with 1,000 feet or legs. Millepede means 1,000 feet because “Mille” means 1,000 and “pede” means foot. Millipedes have no eyes.  Millipedes are born with 8 feet but can grow 1,000 feet overtime. When millipedes shed their skin, they get…

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