Science and Technology - February 3, 2022

Rebooting Your Thoughts on Robots

When we think of AI, our minds usually go to a post-apocalyptic world, where our roombas have gained sentience and are trying to kill us. This isnt quite what our robotic future is looking like, however.

But before we see where AI is going, let’s take a look at where it started. The first real breakthrough was in the mid-twentieth century, when British logician and mathematician Alan Mathison Turing, came up with the idea of a machine with unlimited memory and a scanner, which would scan the memory and dissect the symbols, writing more symbols based on what it found.

In London, 1947, Turing mentioned in a lecture: “What we want is a machine that can learn from experience… the possibility of letting the machine alter its own instructions provides the mechanism for this.”

Thats where we were 75 years ago, but where are we now? Well, you may have heard of Ameca, the humanoid robot designed to host AI. Ameca can make a wide range of human facial expressions using it’s 17 motors. Built by British company Engineered Arts, it went viral after their promotional video in december 2021.

Self driving cars are also considered a major advancement in AI. The ability to travel across the country without lifting a finger is something our forefathers could only experience in their dreams.

Of course, we’re still moving forward. More and more is being discovered and invented every single day. We may not have flying cars or real estate on Venus, but we’re a lot closer to the future than we think.

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