Teachers working hard and students trying to remember their roles: the first graders were prepping for their SIDDUR PLAY and second graders opinion and reaction of their CHUMASH PLAY.  I have a feeling that the first and second graders are astonishing to everybody who comes to watch them. I interviewed a second grader, she told me that she talked and thought about her Chumash play all the time but she was a little nervous. She agreed that the teachers worked really hard, and when I went to my sister’s Chumash play I saw the teachers leading them while they were on stage, I can agree, too. The way her teachers worked hard made her feel ready for the play and this is a way of support that should be thanked. She said that she was nervous but she is so thankful that parents and grandparents came to watch her and her class, and so are we. I then interviewed a second grader. She said that the teachers were working hard and that her class practiced a lot. She said that she liked to practice and that she was very exited. They honored Israel by using the color of their flags in many ways. THANK YOU PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS


siddur and chumash